Canada Visitor Visa from Dhaka Bangladesh 

Applications for Canada Visitor Visa from Bangladesh are rising day by day. A great number of students are choosing Canada for their higher studies. On the other hand, huge number of skilled professionals and business owners are planning to migrate to Canada from Bangladesh. So, traveling to Canada as tourists, visitor, parents or business owners, are increasing significantly.


People who need to travel to Canada face a hassle with the Canadian Tourist or Visitor Visa Application in Dhaka. The Government websites are bureaucratic in nature which make people confused. The agency websites which display documents checklist and application process are not trustworthy and sometimes show backdated information.

It is very important to understand that the visa application procedures of Canada, Australia, UK and many major countries are updated regularly. Sometimes the respective embassy or high commission change documentary issues and sometimes they impose restrictions on visa applications due to social, political and financial factors.

Before lodging a Canada Visa, applicant should check the following things carefully:

1. Eligibility: Each country has their Visa rules and Visa policies. It is very important to know whether you meet the basic requirements.

2. How to submit: Be clear about application submission process. There could be online, paper based or Interview based application process.

3. Visa Fee: Visa fees are modified every one or two years. Know the fees before you apply for Canada tourist visa from Dhaka Bangladesh.

4. Proper Travel Itinerary: it is a serious mistake not to book

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